Hercolubus, the planet that is approaching

History and explanation about Hercolubus.

There are numerous prophecies that refer to the end of our civilization.

Most of those predictions warn us of great catastrophes on Earth, such as an imminent pole shift on our planet, the consequent polar ice cap melting and the disappearance of huge areas of land. Many of those prophecies have something in common: they particularly talk about a heavenly body that periodically approaches Earth. This planet is called by different names: Hercolubus, Baal, Wormwood, Ajenjo, Cold Planet, etc.


Hercolubus, a planet so called by the sages of antiquity, is a gigantic world, 5 or 6 times bigger than Jupiter. In the past it put an end to the Atlantean civilisation and it is approaching Earth again.

The impending approach of this heavenly body to our solar system will happen soon, so that everybody will be able to see. It will bring about great upheaval in all corners of our planet.

Within the to-and-fro movement of life everything returns to its beginning or to its end. Hercolubus, in its former approach, already put an end to the Atlantean civilisation. These facts, well known by all the beings who in the course of history enjoyed Awakened Consciousness, were duly recounted through all the ‘Universal Floods’ of different religions and cultures.

In its present encounter, the progressive approach of Hercolubus will bring about all type of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves, which will become more and more frequent and intense until total devastation comes about. When Hercolubus moves near the Earth, its gigantic gravitational force will attract the molten magma towards the Earth’s surface so that earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions will increase in number and will reach unheard-of magnitudes.

The approach of Hercolubus is an event that will cause deep changes on our planet. Regarding celestial mechanics, Hercolubus will help the pole shift. Indeed, it is the part of the great machinery.

The approach of this heavenly body is upon us: more is known than is told us about that threat from the cosmos. From time to time, there is some news related to the topic on the media. Science possesses advanced detection systems and we are often told that the risk of a danger from space is already high.

We can imagine people being astonished by all this information. Then we remember the old prophecies already warning about this danger.


Hercolubus, the planet that is approaching

Along the course of history, different people with Awakened Consciousness have told about such cosmic phenomenon. A very clear and current example is the little book entitled ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ written by V.M. Rabolu, the great Colombian researcher in esotericism. That book can be qualified as a ‘document about the future written with full consciousness’.

Based on his direct and conscious experience, its author, V.M. Rabolu, teaches us in his book the systems to eliminate our psychological defects and the techniques for astral projection as the only existing formulas to face the forthcoming times.

‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ is the result of its author’s research in the superior dimensions of nature.

Any person will be able to verify for themselves that the statements in that work will be progressively fulfilled through time.

In his book, V.M. Rabolu writes:

‘When Hercolubus comes closer to the Earth and aligns with the Sun, deadly epidemics will begin to spread over the entire planet. Neither doctors nor official science will know what sort of illnesses they are or how to cure them. They will be powerless in the face of the epidemics.’

‘I stand by what I have written in this book, because I know it to be true. I am sure about what I say because I have thoroughly investigated with my astral body, which allows me to know about everything in great detail.’

V.M. Rabolu shows in his book the elimination of our psychological defects and the techniques for astral projection as the only existing formulas to escape from the coming cataclysm. Only those people who transform themselves spiritually will be helped. He finishes by saying:

‘Dear reader: I am speaking very clearly so that you understand the need to start working seriously. Whoever is working will be rescued from the danger. This is not for you to make up theories or hold discussions, but to experience the true teaching that I am giving in this book. We can resort to nothing else.’


For a better understanding, you can down below listen to the correct pronunciation of the mantras mentioned in this book.